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Sexual Misconduct Pilot Survey

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Welcome to the information site for the Sexual Misconduct Pilot Survey.  We – IFF Research – are disseminating this study on behalf of the Office for Students (OfS). The OfS is the English university regulator, their mission is to ensure that every student, whatever their background has a fulfilling experience of higher education that enriches their lives and careers. In 2021 the OfS published a ‘Statement of Expectations’, which is a set of recommendations aimed at supporting universities and colleges in England to develop effective systems, policies, and processes to prevent and respond to incidents of harassment and sexual misconduct.

To support their mission, the OfS is committed to taking action to prevent and address harassment and sexual misconduct in higher education. Find out more about how the OfS is tackling harassment, hate and sexual misconduct.

Despite plenty of media coverage of students’ experiences, historically, there has been a lack of data on this subject relating to higher education.

By answering this survey, we want to:

  • Understand students’ experience of sexual misconduct, how their experiences have impacted on their learning, and to get a sense of their understanding of their university’s policies and reporting systems.
  • Understand the best methodological approach to a survey of this kind.

This work is being carried out by IFF Research, an independent social and market research agency, on behalf of the Office for Students (OfS).
Find out more about IFF Research.

The survey asks about any sexual experiences you may have had that were unwanted. We’re interested in all experiences – whether they have happened in connection with your university or at other times and places in your life since you became a student.